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Trees can last a century or more, and each tells a story. When you have trees as an investment on your property, you want a stable tree service that has been in business for many years. Your trees can have a long lifespan if you find the right tree service company in Missoula. It is also imperative to ensure the tree’s health and make sure the challenges are understood. Like your doctor, your certified arborist should know your trees and understand their seasonal changes and what problems they might face in the years ahead. Tree Service Pros of Missoula is dedicated to exceptional tree service provision. We are an industry staple and top-rated in the area. As long-time residents of Western Montana, we have deep roots in Missoula and the Bitterroot Valley.

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As professional certified, insured, and bonded arborists, we know our way around tree care. Whether you require tree trimming or removal, we are the go-to service company in Missoula that gets the job done with precision and dedication. We are passionate about tree health, care, and maintenance. You will not find a better service provider that puts safety first. Employing a professional tree care service means you can access modern techniques and state-of-the-art solutions that help transform your trees. We will help your trees, shrubs, and bushes reach their full potential and grow into the healthy and beautiful greenery you envisioned when you first invested in them. There is no need to go for amateurs when it comes to tree care. We are at your disposal for exceptional tree service.   

Our Services

Tree Removal

There are tell-tale signs; fortunately, you can see if the tree needs to be removed from your property before it becomes even more of a problem. For example, the bark could be decaying. Strong-looking bark is a good sign that your tree is very healthy. However, if the tree has cracks or there is a lot of missing bark, that indicates that the tree may be diseased. Cracked parts such as cankers would be likely to split from the tree. It is a herald to issues because the branches become more unstable and are likely to fall. If the underlying flesh of the tree is green, then it means the tree is healthy. However, if it appears to be brown or discolored, it means decay has set in, and you should call us.

If you see any longitudinal cracks, that is also significant because the tree might not be structurally sound. They may also be located between two opposing branches meaning there would be vulnerability during severe weather. It would be hard for these trees to withstand the elements though we would determine their viability after a comprehensive evaluation. You may also notice some fungi at the base of the tree. Of course, this is a common image, and you may not think anything of it, but that is generally a bad sign. Mushrooms tend to grow when the roots of the tree begin to decompose. It means the tree is diseased and has started to rot from the bottom upwards.

Dead branches are a similar sign that the tree is decaying and is past saving. Before the branches begin to lean and fall off the tree, causing more problems, you should call a professional team like Missoula Tree Service to do the job for you. Intertwined branches are also signs that it is time to call a team to take a look. When you see tree branches are rubbing together or becoming entangled, it usually means the tree’s growth is beyond help, so the tree is in danger. The tree may also become vulnerable to infections and diseases. Depending on the situation and the extent of the entanglement, we can determine what to do to save the tree before removing it altogether.

Proximity is another key factor that should be considered as the main priority when determining the trees to keep in your residence. Have you noticed leaves and branches constantly falling on the roof or feel that they need to be trimmed because they are hanging overhead? That is a significant reason why you should consider removing the tree because if left unchecked, the branches and leaves will eventually damage the roofing of your home, leading to expenses related to roofing repair and replacement. The leaves and branches fall on the roof and start to break down naturally.

Unfortunately, the mold formation on the roof they catalyze does not go away but spreads to the other part of the roofing and attic, so you can see how this could be a problem. Tree removal has several things to consider, and so you should call us for an assessment to see the damage. Give us a call to take preventative action. We use state-of-the-art equipment for fast and efficient tree removal and ensure that your property is left clean when we finish the job. Give us a call for your free estimate today!

Tree Trimming & Pruning

We also do canopy thinning, which is on those trees that are rather overgrown. Thinning is great for aesthetics and the overall structure of the tree. There is better penetration of light, so the undergrowth of grass and shrubs will better access the sun. The limit, in this case, would be 15% to 20 percent of the foliage of the tree, and we would only be cutting those branches that are two inches thick. Reduction is another approach we can do for your trees though it is much more intense. It would reduce the weight of the large limbs and even the height and size of the tree. It is usually for young trees because they can take on such restructuring and trauma. When the tree becomes mature, then reduction is not advised. There are times it would be better to remove the limb than having to reduce it. Like deadwood pruning, reduction targets the terminal branches, meaning the limb’s entire mass would be preserved.

That would be in such a way the limb of the tree continues to grow healthily. It would also decrease the potential for degradation through rot. It is both an art and a science as only professional arboreal experts can do this effectively. If you have young trees, structural pruning may be preferable. Since most site conditions in an urban setting would allow for light to the tree than within the woods, the tree grows differently compared to the natural setting. The right structural growth for the tree is essential for its lifespan. Structural pruning would mean choosing the appropriate branch that will be the dominant trunk of your tree. We then select those competing branches and remove or shorten them.

Again, this is a young tree’s game. Mature trees would not benefit from this method as it would yield more harm than good in those cases. When a tree needs to be trimmed, taking quick action can prevent fallen limbs and breaking. It prevents further damage and ensures that your tree health is restored. Rather than making these attempts yourself, our team is highly skilled and formally educated to perform tree cutting. We give individual attention to trees, and we are well-versed in the health and care of trees indigenous to Missoula, MT, and imported species. Give us a call today, and we can answer all of your questions and offer advice. We would love to give you a free estimate as well!

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Cabling and bracing are things that need strategic placement of rods and a follow-up inspection to make sure nothing happens. The main reason cabling and bracing are done is to prevent further damage. When the rods are installed or the limbs are connected, there is less stress placed on the tree’s growth. It can have a longer lifespan than previously possible if the limbs would have split because the tree would break apart. It also restores structural integrity, allowing the tree to heal previous wounds, so it becomes stronger and more self-reliant. It thus alleviates the level of damage that is present in the structures.

Some of the main issues that would bring about bracing and cabling include co-dominant stems. It means there are at least two stems that are dominating from the same base. That is not always an issue though we can determine how bad of a problem it will potentially be in the future. The first thing considered when we do the assessment is the shape of the area where the stems meet. If the union is in the shape of a V, that would mean there is some competition between the stems and the tree’s development.

On the other hand, if it is shaped in a U formation, that does not cause as much concern because there is less stress on the tree. We also look for cavities in the unions although they may be hard to see and can go undetected if you do not know what to look for. Scar tissue is one of the signs that there are cracks that have started to heal. That scar tissue helps the connective system seal off and heal. The high level of wind is also going to cause significant cracks within the union of the tree. The holes in the branches and the trunks can happen in different cases. For example, if pruning wounds do not heal the way they should, they can develop into a cavity. Insects could also enter the tree through different points and cause a thoroughfare where the bugs gain access.

Decay is a reason as well, considering when the interior becomes exposed, then it starts to rot. We do offer several options for cabling, such as static cabling. It is where we use extra strength steel cables which do not have give. Here, we would determine the particular point of installation. There are support cables that can be installed a significant part of the distance between the crotch to the top of the branch or tree. There is also dynamic cabling that involves a braided rope with elastic properties, which is great for movement. As the trees go with the wind, they build more wood. These are proactive means of preventing failure though they may not be the best approach if the tree is degrading rapidly. Regardless, after careful evaluation, we can present appropriate solutions to ensure that your trees grow correctly and are not a hazard to themselves or the property nearby. This may include measures such as tree cabling or bracing for preservation. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

Shrub and Bush Trimming & Pruning

Stump Grinding & Removal

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For healthy, well-maintained trees, call on the services of Tree Service Pros of Missoula. We are a locally owned and operated tree service with an exceptional reputation. As professional arborists, we have the answers you need for tree care. When you call us, we will happily set up an appointment to evaluate your trees’ condition and determine a plan of action that is accurate and uses sustainable methods of care and treatment. We are an eco-friendly company, and we take pride in our ability to provide holistic approaches to tree care.

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