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Shrub and Bush Trimming & Pruning

The presence of shrubs in your landscaping has a lot of benefits. Of course, you love their obvious beauty and their flowers probably bring attractive birds and butterflies to your yard for you to admire. Shrubs and bushes can also reduce the amount of money you spend on energy as they create shade and when the temperature drops can provide protection from high winds. These are the many reasons why they need maintenance and care. Tree Service Pros of Missoula are the perfect choice for expert shrub and bush trimming and pruning as well as bush removal service. Rather than indiscriminate trimming and pruning of your shrubs and bushes, employ a professional service to determine the appropriate times and reasons for this type of maintenance. 

Improve Appearance

Pruning your shrubs and bushes happens for a variety of reasons and sculpting them or training them to grow in a specific direction to improve their appearance in one. Pruning to ensure fruit production or to create topiaries is a popular and common objective. Our team of arborists can help you create shapes that are beautiful and balanced in your landscaping so that they remain healthy and provide wonderful curb appeal that you want. We use well-proven methods based on the species of bush or shrub and we carefully evaluate if shaping is right for the species during particular seasons. 

Control Height and Spread

You have a formal garden and excessive growth of your shrubs and bushes means other landscaping is in jeopardy. Planned landscaping is a big investment and controlling the height and spread of your bushes and shrubs will help you protect the investment of your time and money into your surroundings. Our tree care service will help you maintain the controlled environment you want to keep bushes and shrubs from growing out of control. Limited their size is not just about aesthetics but you may also need consider if their growth is disruptive to your neighbors when you have limited space. 

Prevent Damage and Stop Spread of Disease

You’ve invested a great deal of time and money into your landscaping and when your shrubs and bushes are vulnerable to disease and pest infestation, it needs to be stopped immediately. Weather and environmental factors can also damage limbs and weaken them, creating a slow death if pruning and trimming are delayed. This type of trauma can take years of lifespan away from your bushes and shrubs, leaving you to replace them much sooner than you anticipated. We carefully evaluate the issues before making a detailed plan for maintenance and care. You can expect our tree service company to provide accurate solutions that restore the health of your landscaping. 

Stimulate Growth

Trimming and pruning take away branches and stems unwanted growth, but it also can stimulate new growth. This can be a critical approach for shrubs and bushes that are weak and need a rejuvenation. Old greenery that you want to restore can also be stimulated to grow again with the measure. We are passionate about transforming your trees and shrubs into better looking healthy greenery so that when you call us, you can feel confident that we take actions that are well-proven industry standards.