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Stump Grinding & Removal

You’ve been considering stump grinding and removal for a few years to get rid of the obstacles in your landscaping. But you still have questions that it’s the right decision. Tree Service Pros of Missoula has the expert feedback you need to help you make the appropriate choice. Our stump grinding and stump removal services are fast and efficient and carefully executed to ensure the safety of your property. Cutting and removing the tree was a big decision that you completed, but leaving behind a tree stump has proven more challenging than your originally imagines. Now you can have the answers you need when you call us for assistance. 

Pest Infestation Prevention

Initially, the tree stump you decided to leave behind after tree removal did not appear to be a problem. You thought the years spent waiting for it to decompose naturally would not be such a big deal. After all, there were other parts of your landscaping and other trees you could give attention to. However, now you’ve noticed those stumps have become a problem that needs to be addressed. Pest infestations are starting to erupt. It has become a central point for insects that can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your home. Whether it’s beetles, carpenter ants, or termites, you need to get rid of them fast. 

Stump Removal

You’re undecided about how to proceed between stump removal and stump grinding. Knowing what is defined as stump removal can help inform your decision. We use state of the art equipment to completely dig up your tree stump as well as the roots far behind the ground. This is not a task that can be conducted with a hand shovel. Instead, it requires state of the art equipment to ensure that all the tree roots are completely removed so that you have a completely cleared space for your new project. In the end, you will be left with a large hole from the exhumed tree root. 

Stump Grinding

The alternative procedure is stump grinding. Many consider this to be a good option because it means you do not have a void where the tree root used to reside. Instead, we bring a state of the art tree stump grinder to your property that grates your tree stump into woodchips. This is a fast and convenient approach that allows you to use the woodchip as a source of nutrients for your landscaping. Whatever choice you make, we are the leading tree service company in the region that can provide you with expert stump grinding and stump removal.


The safety of you and your family is important and getting rid of tree stumps with grinding or removal is a big step toward making your property less hazardous. Consider when you use equipment like lawnmowers, they might be damaged or if you have young children or elderly people who walk through areas riddled with tree stumps, they can trip and fall, leading you to a hospital emergency. You can easily avoid these scenarios with stump grinding or stump removal.