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Tree Cabling & Bracing

Trees are great for our quality of life. They provide beauty as well as oxygen and their presence is even known to have a calming effect on our mindset. Each species is unique in its way and needs customized care and attention. Sometimes they grow in ways that as property owners, we did not anticipate and they need to be provided with mechanical support to ensure their continued growth is healthy and not a danger to people and property. Tree Service Pros of Missoula ensure this is possible with our professional tree cabling and bracing methods that take a do no harm approach to tree care services

Our Approach

Because your trees are a valuable investment, you want to know our approach for cabling and bracing them. As a trained and certified arborist, we conduct cabling and bracing techniques using industry standards. Stabilizing your trees using cables is a well-proven method to ensure they grow and while reducing the risk of them falling while they are in a weak state of health. Before any measures are taken, we take a careful evaluation of the tree to determine if the cabling or bracing approach is appropriate for preservation. We typically determine if the tree is healthy enough to withstand the process and we provide annual inspections to ensure growth is happening as anticipated. 

Improve Health

If we cannot improve the health of your tree with cabling, we will not do it. We aim to use sustainable approaches that keep trees healthy throughout their entire lifespan. We are passionate about tree care service and you can expect our methods to always be appropriate for the species. Rather than conducting do-it-yourself attempts that may cause trauma to your trees, we provide solutions that are well proven to support improving the health of trees. 

Preserve and Protect Appearance

Trees often become unbalance because their limbs may be growing unchecked in different directions. For mature large trees this lopsided look is exaggerated but with the help of bracing and cabling, we can transform the appearance of your trees and preserve their health by creating support they need to grow correctly. These are procedures that require expertise to ensure you are not making the tree weaker for the sake of maintaining its beauty. Our tree service company prides itself on using solutions that first consider the long term health of the tree. Our arborists have a wide variety of methods in their arsenal of knowledge and skill and bracing and cabling techniques are two among that can safely restore the health and appearance of your trees.

Minimize Risk

We take a safety-first approach to all of our tree care services. You will find that we are widely known throughout the Missoula region not just for our exception results in tree care, but also because we ensure that your property is safe, our staff practices industry-standard protocols and we take precautions that the general public remains safe. Large mature trees with weak limbs can cause significant risk in places like sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways, where there is commonly a great deal of foot traffic. This is why employing a professional tree care service to conduct services like cabling and bracing is critical. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured tree service with a mission to protect people and property.