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Tree Health Maintenance & Care

Trees create gorgeous scenery and have a host of benefits. They make nice shady spots in the summer and form a barrier of protection from high winds and even prove convenient protection when weather conditions create issues like dust. It is no wonder that property owners with space want them dotted around their landscaping. Flowering and fruit-bearing trees are also a joy to experience on your property. But all of these trees need care and attention and it’s not easy to do when they need individual and specialized solutions to maintain their health. Tree Service Pros of Missoula offers a wide variety of services and benefits for the maintenance and care of all your trees. If you do find that your tree health cannot be salvaged, you may want to consult us about our tree removal services.

Short Work of Hard Tasks

We do the heavy lifting tree maintenance and care so that you don’t have to. Trees and shrubs require individual care as they do not all grow at the same pace or require the same nutrients. They even require different amounts of sun and water. As a professional team of arborists, we are well versed in a wide variety of indigenous trees in Missoula as well as imported varieties. Our tree service has operated for decades in the region and we understand the amount of time it takes to groom and grow trees to perfect health. Seasonal changes and environmental issues all affect how trees look and influence their lifespan from year to year. That is why employing expertise is important. 

Safety First

It’s not just issues like tree stumps in your landscaping that can prove risky. Even overgrown shrubs and bushes and weak diseased trees can wreak havoc on the safety of your property. The Missoula region has sometimes harsh weather conditions, making property tree health and maintenance a critical area to pay close attention to. You could be jeopardizing the safety of your family, guests, and property by delaying tree care. Tree maintenance such as trimming and pruning should not be undertaken by amateurs. This can damage trees further and shorten their lifespan and, likely, they will not have the right tools for the task-at-hand. There is no need to put yourself, other people, or your property in harm’s way by conducting these tasks yourself. Our team of specialists is ready for all your tree care needs. 

Young Tree Maintenance

If you have seedling trees, they require more time management and care as youthful trees. They are more likely to fall victim to damage that more hearty adults from pest infestations or trauma from the weather. We keep an eye on these young trees to protect your investment. Soil conditions, location, and nearby vegetation all matter and a specialist can provide you with knowledgeable feedback for protecting their lifespan. As a professional tree care service we have a wide variety of experiences with trees that are indigenous to Missoula or imported from other areas. We take a holistic approach to our care that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

State of the Art Solutions

Keeping trees healthy is not just about watering them and making sure their limbs are trimmed or pruned. There is a system of health care that required deep knowledge and skills put into practice. As licensed and certified arborists, we are continuously upgrading these skills and abilities to bring our clients innovative and well-proven solutions that protect the health of trees and have a transformative effect on their appearance. This also means we update our equipment for ease of use, quick work, and efficiency that saves you time and money.