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Tree Trimming & Pruning

You can see that your trees look unbalanced or they are not as symmetrical as you believe they should be. Perhaps, you want them to bear more fruit or some pests are lurking and you want to get rid of them. Tree trimming and pruning might be the solution. Though you have a saw or some pruning shears, the practice isn’t just about hacking off some tree limbs. It is a task of precision and required education and skill. Tree Service Pros of Missoula offers exceptional tree care you can trust. We have been in the Missoula region for decades and we have a deep understanding of how trees should be managed. 

Timing is Everything

You’ve likely done your homework for the seasonal changes that trees experience and you know that timing is everything for when trees should be pruned or trimmed. Of course, if a tree is experiencing disease or dying, seasonal changes do not matter but as a general rule every species has a specific or optimal time for when pruning is best completed. Tree cutting is much like cutting skin. Trauma occurs and it should be minimized as much as possible. This is why timing and precision matter when pruning and trimming are conducted as it could affect the lifespan and health of your trees. 

Cutting for Reduction

Though you may want your trees to mature into giants, pruning them to reduce their size may help them remain strong. We can provide accurate feedback and a detailed plan of action for tree cutting that ensures your trees remain healthy throughout their lifespan. Cutting for reduction may be part of this plan to optimize their health. It may also be a needed exercise to ensure that their size does not interfere with the structural integrity of your home or commercial property. Even utility lines could be at risk for trees that are growing to large for their planting location. We evaluate these issues and discuss solutions that help retain the structure and scale of your trees. 


This process removes specific branches of your trees so that sunlight can penetrate through the foliage. When interior foliage is hidden from sunlight it can aid in the spread of diseases and pest infestations and it can also prevent healthy growth overall. This type of tree cutting strengthens the tree and also allows more air to reach the canopy of trees. In the end this means your tree is in less danger of storm damage and high winds. After careful evaluation, we can determine if this is an appropriate tree service that can benefit your property. 

Tree Inspections

Employing a certified arborist for tree inspections can help you determine if tree trimming and pruning are right for your property. We provide accurate solutions to all your tree care issues. Tree cutting is one of many methods of tree care. We highly recommend routine tree inspection to ensure that tree failure doesn’t become a part of your landscaping. Delaying inspection can cause permanent tree damage and shorten the lifespan of your trees. We encourage property owners to take precautionary measures of employing us for tree inspections.